Features of Interactive Flat Panels

1. Write fluently

Lindian interactive flat panel has built-in high-sensitivity writing software, whether it is a stylus or a finger, you can write on the conference tablet; user-friendly touch gesture design, move, zoom out, eraser and other functions can be switched at will; When a large area is touched on the screen, the blackboard eraser function can be quickly invoked. At the same time, you can make comments on the key points of the meeting, and the meeting records can be saved with one key, which is convenient for viewing after the meeting.

2. Same screen in different places

The largest size of the interactive flat panel can reach 98 inches of ultra-high-definition display screen, with delicate texture and ultra-wide viewing angle, which greatly extends the visual distance compared with traditional video equipment. Front speakers for clearer pickup in conferences. There is no need to lay expensive dedicated video conferencing network, through the built-in wifi, just ordinary network can achieve high-definition, smooth and stable remote video conference. In the remote conference mode, the screen is shared in real time in different places, and the whiteboard function supports two-way scribbling operations, and multi-party discussions can interact in real time, which is as vivid as living in the same room.

3. Exquisite design, easy installation

There are multiple USB ports on the bottom and sides of the device to meet the needs of multiple people in the conference. The installation method is flexible and changeable. It can be wall-mounted and can be matched with a mobile tripod. It does not require installation conditions and is perfectly suitable for various conference environments.

4. Wireless screen sharing

Lindian’s interactive flat panel can realize wireless screen projection through screen sharing accessories. Whether it is a mobile phone, computer or tablet, it can wirelessly transmit PPT, EX, WD documents and other files to the conference touch all-in-one machine with one click.

What is even more amazing is the wireless screen sharing device, which can realize two-way operation between the PC and the interactive flat panel. As long as the computer is operated in reverse on the conference touch all-in-one device, actions such as page turning and annotation of PPT can be realized, or the switching display of files can be easily completed. Participants can move more freely, and the meeting is more compact and smooth.


Post time: Jun-30-2022